The Chi Vitalizer CY106 Review

Chi machines have been all the rage for years with Asian doctors. Even the TV show the Doctors has had episodes displaying the methods! Chi means energy in Chinese. Now more people are discovering how the power of the technique. A Chi Vitalizer machine uses these Asian principles to deliver its health benefits via its swinging motion.

So how well does this unit stack up? Read more of our Chi Vitalizer review.

The Chi Vitalizer Cy 106 is priced in the middle price range, on average, a little less than $50 cheaper than the Evergain or similar models but more expensive than the Vitalflow Chi Swing or other cheaper models. However, it offers many features found on the more expensive designs such as:

* Changeable speed control
* Cushioned ankle cradle
* 15-minute timer
* Detailed instruction booklet

Variable speeds are key as it lets you ease into the use of the machine from a novice to expert level.

One thing to note on the energizer Chi vitalizer is the motor. At 40 watts, its more than sufficient for most people and has worked well in our Chi Vitalizer reviews. However, it is rated up to 250-300 pounds. If you or a user may be a larger person, you may want to consider an Evergain model with its 55 watt motor.

Most people want to know if their machine will last long term. We have not had any issues with our testing. The most telling feature about the quality of this unit is the fact that is has a two year manufacturers warranty. Most manufacturers may have only a 90 day, or at best a one year warranty. The two year warranty speaks volumes about how well made this machine is.

This machine has features that compare to the top flight models in the market. If the weight limit is not of concern to you, then this model may well have what you are looking for. It is well priced in the middle of the massager market. Overall, the Chi Vitalizer CY106 is a strong value in the chi machines market.

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