Top Link Building Strategies and Types of Links

Starting from searching you must take a topic relevant to you subject. Starting at this level gives us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sites to start to filter from (not to mention the backlinks of those sites), and sites that share similar themes. People use different strategies to come on the top but they are not aware of the actual strategies by which the can reach on top. Here are some of the Top link building strategies that will make surely win –

1. Authority links: Obtaining this type of link, Start with your related category in the Google Directory. For this Start looking for top ranking sites related to you topic, Sites that currently offer links out, Sites that would benefit from offering users your content. Authority links are an absolute must for improving your trust score these days. This is a MUST for a new site, and should be where you start your efforts, and always be dedicating SOME time. Take out time to get some quality links. Find out a way – How you can get those links? – Buy, borrow, beg, and barter.

2. Directory links: Obtaining this type of link, you must Pony up some cash. For this start looking for easy to find niche directories, don’t go overboard with more than a few directories per month, quarter, etc. Too many directories triggers a filter. I wouldn’t go over 10% of my total link ratio on my own sites at any given time. Start with a few highly trusted directories (Yahoo, MSN etc), and add some others after you have many more links added to your profile.

3. Reciprocal links: Make some friends but never try to go overboard. Start looking for Strong links that are complementary to your site. Reciprocal links are NOT dead. They are not a magic bullet anymore, but they do occur naturally. Use them to your advantage but don’t get carried away. I would say under 10% of most sites links should be reciprocal – make them count.

4. One way links: Go to conferences and tradeshows, e-mail folks and make friends, offer something useful in return. Don’t link ALL your sites together and stay on topic.

5. Edu and Gov links: Be nice to future interns. Offer some career assistance or advice. Look for .edu’s and .gov sites. There are plenty of ways to bio link encourage .edu and .gov folks to link to you (mainly good content or resources).

6. Press release links: Find sites that offer press release submission services and submit your NEWS (this does not mean any crap you just want to link stuff).
Look for people in your niche who want news as content. Example PR.com, PRWeb.com, and many more. Press releases are generally NOT a great way to get links, but you can pick up some that may be of value. Every little bit helps, and remember this is only a small part of your overall link profile.

7. Article bio links: Write few articles, or have some written for you. Look for industry authority sites that accept submissions from guest writers. This can be a GREAT way to get some good authority links from high profile sites. They’ll appreciate or even demand great content in return for the exposure and link pop you’ll receive. The better the site is, the higher quality content they will require.

8. RSS/ Blog aggregated links: It’s pretty easy, start your blog and aggregate – also known as scraper links. Look for Blog and RSS directories to submit to, and tagging sites. Not worth a whole lot, but you’ll pick up a whole bunch of links this way. There are, however, plenty of legitimate sites that aggregate content where you may pick up some decent links.

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