Perfume Bottles by Lalique – Beautiful Works of Art

Limited edition Lalique perfume bottles are a hot commodity today, as even Hollywood celebrities and icons around the world are rushing to own one. These perfume bottles are only occasionally available for purchase, and they were and are worthy of all this fuss.

There is a mind-boggling array of perfume brands available today, and each one of these perfumes has certain characteristics and trademarks that make them distinguishable from other perfumes. During ancient times, perfume or scent was considered a luxurious, expensive item that only royalty could afford. Today, it is still within the realm of the wealthy, as the wealthy can greatly influence trends in perfume and scent.

Lalique perfumes, or perfumes that are contained in bottles with the Lalique brand, are currently one of the most popular and best beloved frangrance bottles out there. The bottles were initially designed and created by Rene Jules Lalique, a glasswork artist and jewelry designer from France. He became famous for creating magnificent objects d’art, bringing new perspective to ordinary items such as chandeliers, vases, clocks and perfume bottles.

What makes these bottles unique is, of course, the unique and intricate bottle designs. Other perfumes become popular or sought-after because make my scent singapore of the way they smell, or simply because of brand popularity. Lalique on the other hand, became sought-after simply because the bottles were artistic, innovative and intricately designed.

These perfume bottles are celebrated by collectors the world over. What’s amazing about this is Mr. Lalique only started making bottles when he was already in his ’50s.

He might have started creating perfume bottles late in life, but he managed to create an impressive number of original perfume bottles. Mr. Lalique passed away in 1945, but his perfume bottles as well as his other works of art still live on and continue to be considered the most revered among collectors.

Lalique perfumes may smell as good as other scents, but it is a generally accepted fact that people buy Lalique perfumes not for the scent, nice as it may be, but for the bottles.

Famous pop-singer Mariah Carey is a great admirer of Lalique Perfumes. In October of 2007, she spent $13,200 in a matter of minutes, buying twelve bottles of Butterfly by Lalique. When she was asked why she spent so much and bought so many of the perfume, she simply said that she really loved the bottle design. The bottle is made of crystal and is carved with butterfly designs, and stoppered with a crystal butterfly.

Lalique perfumes are not just your regular, run-of the-mill perfumes. They are universally considered as works of art. They’re expensive perfumes [http://ladiesperfumefragrances.com/], but they are considered a wise investment because of the beauty of the perfume bottle designs, and the certainty that the bottles will increase in market value over time. Lalique ladies perfumes

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