The paddle board is made out of super compact foam (EPS), which is fantastic because you receive an excellent board for half the cost of a regular one. However, EPS is a lot more fragile on the surface than a paddle board made from different components such as fiberglass or even wood, so try to take good care when transporting the board – and do not drop it on boulders – and you will be good.

The posting on Amazon states the board has a “Tri-fin” set-up, but it actually only came with just a single large center fin (which will be completely fine for lake or small wave paddling).

The board has 3 wooden stringers, for additional stiffness and Inflatable paddle board sturdiness, and it is 10 feet, 6 inches long. It is 31 inches wide, and 5.5 inches at its thickest point (the center). They are all excellent dimensions to begin stand up paddle boarding with, since they provide excellent buoyancy and really makes it a lot easier to keep balance.

The core is 100% water-proof, and the stand up paddle board also offers a HD Polyethylene slick bottom.

The board weighs in at approx. 27lbs, and includes a carry handle integrated in the deck. Additionally, you get a completely adjustable lightweight aluminum paddle with a blade that has rubber edging to protect the board from scratching and dings. If you accidentally drop the paddle, don’t worry, it floats!

The provided roof rack is not very solid looking, but is nevertheless better than nothing at all. It straps through the door frames inside the car for stability and then across the top of the board. On longer trips, it would be better to make use of an extra strap over the middle, just as a safeguard.

This paddle board is not performance oriented, but is a superb starter board for a great price. The Keeper 10’6″ Sports Stand Up Paddle Board is a good all-around board that you’ll have FUN with. Additionally, if you are wanting to get into stand up paddle board yoga (also know as SUP yoga), this board has good dimensions to keep you upright and dry whilst practising your yoga asanas.

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