Exploring Paris – The Romantic Capital of Europe

Paris was basically founded just in the end of the 3rd century BC by a tribe who then settled and started to live in that particular region which during those days was called “Île de la Cité” (which now in the modern day is known as Paris). The name Paris is basically derived from the name of the people who discovered it and settled there called as “Parisii”.

Paris is the capital city of France nowadays and is one of the most populous cities of the country and world having population round about 2,203,817 (according to January 2006). Paris today is one the world’s biggest and leading cultural and business centers and is also considered as one of the Europe’s biggest economies.

The most important thing about Paris is that out of the “Fortune Global 500” companies 38 of them are from the Paris region. And also it has the honor of hosting many institut de beauté paris international organizations, out of which one example is UNESCO.

If we take a look geographically then Paris is located in the north side of the (River Seine). Paris is basically divided into two parts out of which one is the older part of Paris and the other is the smaller and comparatively so called as new Paris. But if we take a closer look at the geographical location of Paris than whole of the city is mostly made up of flat surface. In total the covered are of whole of the Paris is 460 square miles.

Looking at the climate France does not receive many rainfalls during the whole year. Temperature remains moderate which means that it does not possess extreme summer or winters. If one wants to visit Paris than the best season is the spring season, in which you can really admire the natural beauty of Paris. 

There is a lot of monuments and landmarks in Paris which act as the most important and attracting places for the tourists. Among these monuments “Eifel Tower” has now become the symbol/representation of Paris. It was a temporary construction from “Gustav Eifel” in 1889 but it was not abolished and now it is considered as an icon of Paris and an endurable figure.

Economically, Paris is a strong city and contributes a lot in the total GDP of the world. Having a GDP of (731.3 billion US$) makes Paris region one of the biggest and strongest GDP’s of Europe. 

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