Housekeeping – An Overview

A housekeeper, also known as a housekeeper tutor or housewife, is a person in charge of the supervision of the cleaning team of a house. They are usually female and belong to the working class. They are employed by home-based businesses, especially to take care of the housekeeping tasks. However some housekeepers also work independently.

A housekeeper’s duties depend on the size of the home, the number of rooms and the location of the residence. She is expected to perform the basic housekeeping duties, such as dusting and vacuuming, according to the contract between the client and the housekeeper. The housekeeper also helps in the general tidying up of the entire house, which includes the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. She is responsible to remove the trash from the kitchen, wash the dishes and laundry, take the clothes out of the washing machine, dust the lampshades and change the light bulbs in the house. She is also required to change the linen and other clothing inside the wardrobe. In cases of the guests’ arrival, she goes to greet them and take them to their rooms.

Housekeeping is not an easy task and housekeepers must possess certain skills that enable her to perform her job efficiently. To start with, housekeeping is not merely a physical skill set but it is a skill set of the mind. For instance, a housekeeper must be capable of служебен домоуправител София keeping patience, being able to organize and evaluate various things and must possess great interpersonal skills as well. These skills are necessary to be a good housekeeper and housekeeping tutors are required to master these skills in order to become a good housekeeper.

The job duties of a housekeeper will vary depending on the location of the residence. Usually the housekeeping job duties would include mopping floors, vacuuming furniture, dusting cupboards and shelves, dusting windows and doors, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the porch and front walk, etc. A housekeeper’s daily schedule will normally include the performance of several activities including cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and refilling the trash receptacle. The schedule should also include some housekeeping, related tasks such as cooking, ironing and caring for small children.

The responsibilities of the housekeeper also depend upon the type of job she has taken up. For example, she may have been assigned the task of making beds in the morning for the guests. In this case she cleans the beds and then makes them ready for guests by folding them properly and putting fresh linens in them. At the end of the day she collects the linens and loads them into the truck that carries it to the guests’ houses. A housekeeper’s schedule for making beds should include cleaning of the floor, dusting of furniture and putting the bedding and pillows on the beds.

Vacuuming duties constitute a large part of the job of a housekeeper. If she is expected to do an additional job like this one, then the duties of housekeeper will be extended. A housekeeper’s schedule will generally include making beds, dusting floors, dusting window sills and cleaning the pantry cupboards. Housekeeping duties are categorized according to the amount of work required.

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