Vialipro Review – A Reputable Male Enhancement Supplement?

Vialipro is a new male enhancement formula that I just stumbled upon a couple of months ago. Vialipro looks similar to a couple other formulas I’ve seen both in ingredients and capsule size. This article will be my commentary and review of the Vialipro product. Most of the information I’ve gathered, I’ve obtained from Vialipro’s website.

There are some statements on Vialipro’s website that really concerned me. Vialipro is a dietary supplement, meaning it is created from herbs and amino acids. Herbs only work once your body becomes used to taking them, so it can take some time. Chemical products like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can work fast, but herbal supplements are a little different. The following statement on Vialipro’s website sounded extremely far fetched.

“Vialipro is the perfect answer for any man who would like to increase his sexual performance. What man wouldn’t want their lover to be Proud and Desire to sleep with him. In fact, lack of a hard erection or sexual potency can destroy what could and should be a successful love life. Vialipro is not intended to be taken every day and it does not need to be taken on a regular basis like other natural products in order to receive the benefits. It is an alternative to prescription male sexual enhancement medications and it should be taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. Vialipro is clinically proven to be just as effective as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other generic prescription medications. It also has none of the negative side effects associated with prescriptions. Vialipro is safe for all men and it can be taken on a regular basis if desired.”

First of all, I hate products that make you feel inferior and make you think that there product will help save your love life. The thing about Vialipro levitra generique avis, is that they advertise that it works in 30 minutes and you only need to take it when you are about to have sexual activity. That is ludicrous. No dietary supplement can give you effects like that on response. This leads me to believe that Vialipro is a scam, or laced with unsafe chemicals. Their website also goes on to state the following…”How much would your love life be improved if you had a long-lasting, larger & harder penis every time you make love? Vialipro will improve your love life immediately.”

Vialpro contains l-arginine, safed musli, shilajit, velvet deer, ashwagandha, smilax, maca, saffron, catuaba. They suggest that proprietary and patented Vialipro formula was designed to mimic the immediate qualities of prescription male enhancement medications. What makes Vialipro so powerful is the unique blend of ingredients it contains that activate the Nitric Oxcide/cGMP system. First of all, Vialipro does not have a patent, I just called the patent and trademark office. For them to advertise with such a misleading and disingenuous statement should be illegal. They go on to state that the unique and exact combination of two primary ingredients are the foundation for the results men will experience with Vialipro: velvet deer and l-arginine.

Those ingredients are not that impressive. I have had some luck with l-arginine, but velvet deer is a joke and has never worked for me. The Vialipro product really seems to be built around fraudulent information, and the patent lie really bothers me. The fact that their single serving is a measly 375mg is a disappointment.

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