How to Find a Suitable Supplier When You Need a China Sourcing Company

If you’re serious about starting an online business then one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to Hire a Recruiting Company or not. This decision can’t be taken lightly, as you’ll be working with a company that’s helping you develop and grow your online business. As a result of this you’ll be required to make the right choice of provider for your needs. How do you do this?

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Firstly, what is the cost of sourcing companies work? Cost varies greatly between different sources, so make sure you understand what each country charges before you start looking for a Chinese partner. Typically sourcing companies work in China on either a single project basis or on a multi-project basis. So, if you don’t need to monitor all the work in progress but simply require a company to look at the current projects in China it makes sense to opt for a multi-country sourcing company.

Another important consideration when looking to hire a Chinese supplier is the level of trust you feel you can put behind the whole process. You want your suppliers to trust you enough to provide you with complete access to their production facilities and to perform quality checks on finished goods as and when required. Furthermore, you need to be able to rely on the sourcing company to deliver a high standard of performance, taking care to implement quality control and quality audits when they are due. Ultimately, you should want your suppliers to think of you as a partner, not a problem to be cracked on. In other words you don’t want your sourcing company to be seen as “the other guy” taking orders from your competitor!

Before you begin looking for a China supplier, you may want to find out some basic information about the country’s government, its economy and, crucially, the legal system. You will need to know exactly what to do as soon as problems arise and to whom Vietnam manufacturing. For example, if your company needs to export products to China and faces the risk of having products returned, then you need to know the policy regarding returns and how they will be handled by the Chinese authorities. Similarly, you should have a good understanding of labour laws in China, including what hours workers are paid, their right to union bust, their right to strike and the consequences of going on strike.

Finding a suitable China supplier begins with the right skills and experience, so you must tailor your search for the right people. If you are already an established business, you may want to employ the services of a full-time sourcing manager, who oversees the sourcing process while you concentrate on day-to-day operations. Likewise, if you are just starting out and face the problem of finding enough potential suppliers within your geographical area then you could consider engaging the services of a supplier directory. These directories allow you to list supplier locations, contact details, and, in most cases, provide a further guarantee that the listed companies are legitimate businesses.

Regardless of whether you are sourcing goods from within China or sourcing products from a different country altogether, it is important to ensure that the final destination of your goods is of a good quality. For instance, it would be a waste of time and money if your goods were to be shipped from a poor quality warehouse to the final customer. This would mean that you would have spent your money on a fruit that ripened too slowly to sell, or worse, that your customers would have been dissatisfied with the product they received. In addition to a good sourcing company, you also need a good transport company, if you intend to ship your goods from abroad. Having a reliable China shipping company on-hand is an absolute must!

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