Health Benefits of Dark Cherries

Research has found there are many health benefits of dark cherries (tart cherries) that are worthy of consideration for people looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. These health benefits range from the fairly common to the ultra-valuable and are great for those who want to increase their fruit intake on a daily basis. Though red sweet cherries are the tastiest when fresh, with dark or tart cherries one can have the equivalent health benefits of red cherries and more without having to pay the very high price for such an in-demand product.

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So what are the health benefits of dark cherries? Here are some of the most prominent that should be made known to everyone.

High in antioxidants – Dark cherries have been found to have a larger antioxidant content as red cherries but the concentrations are still greater than most other types of fruits on the market. The secret to the high antioxidants of cherries is the skin color which is characteristically so because of the dark red pigment anthocyanin. When eaten on a regular basis, anthocyanins play a variety of roles including acting as a natural anti-inflammatory agent to help arthritis patients manage the frequency and severity of arthritis attacks. Anthocyanins are also high valuable nutrients that can help fight cancer, lower the risk for heart ailments, and improve overall health by reducing the risk of cellular damage often caused by stress-generated free radicals chery Mỹ.

Low calorie and fat content – Another one of the health benefits of tart cherries that is often taken for granted is its low fat and calorie content. In and of itself, this is not an immensely valuable trait. However, when one considers that you can substitute dark cherries in their dried form for your traditional snacks, this benefit becomes all the more valuable. By eating dark cherries, not only are you embracing all the health benefits of antioxidants but you are also doing so without the risk of gaining weight and becoming obese. Indirectly, this low fat and calorie content is also the reason how the heart can benefit from an increase in dark cherry consumption as it no longer has to contend with heart ailments related to weight gain.

A considerable amount of fiber – We all need the right amounts of dietary fiber to improve our digestive processes. Dark cherries contain about 2.5 grams of fiber in a cup, making it one of the most beneficial fruits for regulating digestion as well as controlling appetite. Fiber helps your body feel full so you don’t crave for as much food during meals. Again, this makes tart cherries an excellent option as a snack in between meals so you don’t feel as hungry before your next meal.

The health benefits of dark cherries are just there waiting for you on a supermarket or health food shelf. If you want to truly embrace a healthy lifestyle, begin by adding tart cherries to your daily diet and you will realize just how easy learning to eat healthy can be, all in just a few bites per day. They taste really great dried and can be found on the internet if your local stores do not carry them. You can also use tart cherry extract or concentrate to make cherry juice.

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