Causes and Treatments for a Dog Ear Infection

A dog ear infection is one of the most common problems that will a dogs health will face. There are three types of these infections, each of them applies to a different area of the ear. There are:

Otitis Externa: This is an infection of the outer portion of the ear

Otitis Media: This is an infection of the middle ear

Otitis Interna: This is an infection of the inner ear

Otitis interna is the most potentially damaging of the infections, as it can actually spread right to the nervous system and may even result in death. Because of keravita pro this, it’s important that you are able to quickly recognize the symptoms of a dog ear infection.

Symptoms of a Dog Ear Infection
Some dog owners may initially mistake this infection with dog allergies or a number of dog skin problems as the pet ear will be markedly red, inflamed, and there is usually a yellow or black discharge that is within the ear. A “smelly” ear, or an ear with a strong odor, is also a very common sign that your pet’s ear is infected.

You will notice your dog scratch at his ear, shaking his head more often, head tilting and for very advanced infections your dog’s eyes may seem misaligned.

What Causes a Dog Ear Infection?
Mites are a common cause behind the infection that is affecting the outer ear. The growth of bacteria or fungus is another prime cause, and dog allergies are also a leading cause behind the infection.

Some other reasons behind the infection include:

– Grasses or bristles entering into the ear canal
– An excessive secretion of earwax
– Water in the ear, which causes a moist environment for bacteria to grow

How do I Treat Dog Ear Infections?
Most dogs will have their ear flushed out with a type of ear wash, and the ears are then thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate disinfectant. If your pet has a bacteria-based infection, then antibacterial drops may be prescribed veterinarians. If your dog has a fungal infection, then an anti-fungal ointment is prescribed.

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