How to Naturally Have Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Though diabetes is a tough and unforgiving condition, it does not always need to be a Mt. Everest in your life…

Everyone gets affected differently by Diabetes as it depends on your age, gender, what type of diabetes you have, your body type, fitness level and many other factors. Doctors like to treat the diabetes with known medications and believe that it is the only way to treat diabetes, but that’s how they have been taught in Medical school. Whether you follow the modern way, or the natural way, the first thing you will have to do is make dramatic lifestyle changes if you are not living a healthy lifestyle.

The first and most important changes you can make is to eat healthy, lose weight and exercise. This will already help a great deal to naturally balance your blood sugar levels.

Treatment will obviously depend on the type of diabetes you have, the sign and symptoms and your response to treatment. Treatment is definitely not just a once off visit to the doctor, but a continually monitoring of your glucose levels on a daily basis, continuous reading of new findings, drastic life changes, and definitely more education. If you are diabetic, then you need to know what it is about, and what you should do and not do. It is also strongly advised that you should lose weight if you are overweight, as the body can use insulin more efficiently, thus Blood balance stabilizing the blood sugar level.

Can we naturally regulate our blood sugar levels?

Research has proven that it is possible to have very stable and normal glucose levels in our blood with the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies and the needed supplements. The correct supplements can aid in treating the symptoms and thus making it easier to have a normal lifestyle.

Herbal remedies, dietary supplements and the correct lifestyle changes can eliminate the need for prescription medication and can also aid in the prevention of organ and tissue damage associated with uncontrolled diabetes.

Tips for coping with Diabetes

  • Diabetes Type I sufferers always stand the risk of developing Type II diabetes. Regular exercise will decrease the possibility to developing type II diabetes by as much as 50%. Even if you are a diabetes type II sufferer you should still engage in some exercise, but we suggest consulting a medical practitioner first as to which exercises will be suitable.
  • As previously said, by losing weight you assist the body in better utilizing insulin, thus if you are over weight, lose it.
  • It is best to reduced the intake of refined and processed foods that contains high levels of fat and sugar.
  • Eat plenty of whole grain foods that is rich in Vitamin B and Chromium.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Monitor blood glucose levels on a daily basis.

Natural remedies

Insulate Plus

Insulate Plus is a 100% natural herbal remedy that supports pancreatic health by supporting the Islets of Langerhans and promote systemic balance in the endocrine and circulatory system.

The Insulate Plus will maintain healthy blood glucose levels when used in combination with a healthy lifestyle and healthy food which excludes excess sugar, unhealthy fats, stimulants, artificial preservatives and colorants.


Diabetonic is a remedy that temporarily corrects imbalances of minerals in the blood and pancreas. These imbalances are caused by the modern farming techniques and lifestyles, making food missing the essential minerals needed. It will also lessen your craving for sugar as the blood sugar levels gets balanced. Having balanced blood sugar levels means more energy as there is a normal range of sugar in the blood that can be taken up by the cells. Diabetonic will also maintain the balance of cell salts in the body as it is a combination of three, cellular-supporting biochemical tissue salts which can be taken up in the cells as soon as the body is low on energy or have sugar cravings.

Tissue salts are naturally occurring in the body and manufactured to ensure safe, yet optimum potency, thus they are safe to use for all ages (from infancy to old age) – as well as during pregnancy!


Regulating and maintaining a normal blood glucose level is possible without the use of modern medicine and other toxins.

It will however require a complete lifestyle change, requiring the sufferer to eat healthy, monitor their blood glucose level daily and engage in exercises. Combined with the natural remedies, this lifestyle change will promote health of the pancreas, liver, circulatory system, visual system as well as overall systemic health.

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