A Humor T Shirt Lights Up the Mood!

For those of you living on the east coast the weather has been completely disgusting lately. It does not matter how long you wait, but as the day moves on it gets uglier and colder outside. The wind is picking up. The rain is falling more often. And the sun has not been out for days. Many of us are getting sick, staying under the covers, with antibiotics and drinking lots of hot fluids. Just thinking about all this depresses an individual. How could it not? We all long for the days of sun, sand, beach and pool, not snow, wind ice and cold Funny Anime T-Shirt!

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So how do we get out of these funky and depressing moods? For starters, during this season Hollywood seems to take advantage of the cold weather, and thankfully there are many new movies that are constantly being released every weekend. Many of these movies include a whole list of romantic comedies, funny animated movies, and a whole range of other hilarious movies to watch. While sitting in the theater you cannot help but laugh and smile at some of the ridiculous things that are said on screen or at the hysterical antics the characters are trying to pull off! Just sitting in that dark theater can help make your whole mood change for a couple of hours.

Another way to help change your mood is by wearing colors and clothing that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Studies show that the clothes you pick out every morning are a reflection of your mood, and whatever clothes you wear can change or magnify the mood you are in. This means if you wake up in the morning feeling depressed you are much more likely to go for clothing of a darker shade and depressing undertones, but a way to help change that is to wear clothing that make you happy. Some examples of “happy clothing” are shirts and t-shirts with bright colors and funny slogans. There are so many funny tees and clothing to wear to lighten up your mood. Some might even call such a t-shirt a humor t shirt because of how well it can make you and those around you feel on such gloomy days! So listen up! Put on some great clothing that makes you feel amazing. Clothing that will help you relax and laugh during these ugly days. Go watch a funny movie and stop feeling like the whole world is coming to an end – it is not!

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