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10 Things That Happen to Children at the Time of Examination


The students always want to stay carefree without worrying about anything. This mentality comes at stake during the examination time. That is the time their commitment would be put to test by the academic staff. They get all the apprehensions and become stressed up. Therefore, they show odd behaviours to gain the sympathy of the parents and teachers. That is the reason some state governments have opened the help-line for counselling the students who are undergoing these tests. These examinations could shape their career that they are going to build in their professional pursuit. In this article, we would be looking at 10 things that happen to children at the time of examination.

1. They get stressed out easily and become lethargic. They would stay sleepy and non-attentive throughout the day.

2. Because of fear, some children develop hallucinations and fear of darkness. Hence, they would like to stay with their parents in the night when they go off to sleep lam bang dai hoc.

3. Some children would not be able to concentrate on the studies as the pile of topics that have to cover for the examination look insurmountable.

4. The fear of comparison with the peers by the friends, relatives, parents, teachers and classmates drive them crazy.

5. The children fear that their parents and teachers will scold them if they score low marks in the examinations. This fear would push the wards into depression. They try to go into the shell and remain secluded even at the house.

6. The parents have high hopes on their wards. The children know about that quite well. If they fail to live up to the expectations, many of the facilities that they used to enjoy being free would be taken off. This also would add to their stress.

7. The peer pressure is another aspect that put children in lot of stress. The unwanted comparison among the classmates in terms of marks scored would corner them.

8. The sense of competition builds up in the children during the examination times. They keep enquiring about the portions covered with other children of the class to see whether they are on same truck with others.

9. The students leave the food and sleep to study as much as possible in the hope that this exercise would refresh their mind in time for the examination.

10. The students become irritable and apprehensive about the exam as they have to slog hard for hours to prepare for the examination. This happens when they are not current with the topics covered in the class.

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