Cool Baby Gift Ideas

While they have their own sections at stores like Wal- Mart, Target and K-Mart, chances are if you’re not specifically looking for baby clothes or gifts you’ve consistently skipped that section on the way to electronics or bathroom supplies. Because of this, you’ve probably missed the fact that baby clothing has been getting pretty fashionable lately.

Gone are the days of plain colors and cookie cutter designs, children’s clothing has been getting serious attention from some of today’s hottest designers. It’s not just for the celebrity mom either, fashionable prints and interesting color schemes are showing up everywhere from high-end baby clothes boutiques to your favorite mega stores 日本 bb 用品.

This is good news for both new parents as well as those looking for baby gifts as there are now many more options to match both the a parent’s and child’s personality. By just scanning the website of a baby specialty store you’ll noticed a large and intriguing selection of clothing for babies. A few of the options include:

  • An all in one featuring soft fluorescent colors with the words “punk rock” on it.
  • An all in one featuring a Japanese style tiger with a leaf background.
  • A full line of fashionable shirts featuring such phrases as: “all natural”, “fat and happy” (my personal favorite), “uber snuggler”, and “peas out” with green peas on it.

Clothing such as sundresses and pajamas have also modernized by utilizing new and exciting colors and styles while continuing to feature such classic patterns as polka dots and straight lines. Colors like black and white are now being paired with pinks and purples to make contrasting designs that really stand out from the crowd. One of the more adorable dresses I came across has a repeating pattern of pink and green flowers.

On the accessory fronts, those looking for a new and exciting gift have much to choose from. Bibs come in all different fabrics and colors and many companies have coordinated the colors and designs of their baby clothes and their bibs. In fact, most companies offer matching towels, hats, bedding and even diaper bags so parents can plan a color scheme and stick with it. Even hair clips, pacifiers and footwear are now designer made and make really wonderful gifts for any occasion. There really are so many cool ideas when it comes to finding baby gifts!

So there you go. If you ever find yourself in a position to buy a gift of baby clothes or accessories you can use your full fashion sense for your purchase. Next time you find yourself near the baby aisle at your favorite shopping center take a look inside, you might be shocked at what you see.

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