Reducing Loss – Turning Your Waste Oil Disposal Around

Every day restaurants across America produce and throw away thousands of pounds of used cooking oil. For the most part this oil is dumped into special bins, then pumped out and hauled away by disposal companies that then sell the used oil for use in cattle and pet food, or for use as biofuels. Many restaurant owners pay to have used oil removed, just as they pay to have their solid waste removed.

Waste oil constitutes a double loss for the company. You are already losing money to the cost of oil, but then to have to pay to have it removed just increases the net loss on waste However, for those willing to do a bit of digging there are ways to turn the loss of waste oil removal into a net positive for the business.

Shop Around

If you just picked the first waste oil disposal service in the phone book, shop around. Waste oil cannot simply be dumped. There are regulations on disposing of oil, and the most practical means of doing so is to reuse it in biofuels or in feed. Most waste oil services do turn around and sell used cooking oil to one of these two markets. As such, some are willing to come remove oil for free or even to pay a fraction of what they will get per barrel Dog Waste Removal Michigan.

Sources in the Community

In many places, especially urban locations, there may not be a need to use a removal service at all. In recent years eco-conscious entrepreneurs have begun marketing a wide range of products that traditional have run on electricity or gas, but can now be run on oil. From home heating to electrical generators, people within the community are turning to waste oil to reduce waste and pollution. Some pioneers of ecology are even running their cars on used vegetable oil!

Posting an ad, or even mentioning on your marquee, that you have waste oil available could draw in members of the community willing to take away your oil for no cost. Not only will you be saving money for the business, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a role in advancing the movement toward more environmentally conscientious living

Services That Provide More

Another great way to save money on waste oil is through the use of a fryer management service. These service do remove waste oil, similar to regular removal services. However, they also go above and beyond that in a way that can actually save the restaurant a significant chunk of money.

These services generally operate by micro-filtering the oil that your restaurant uses in its deep fryers. They use a process that cleans oil much more than regular filtration can. As a result the oil lasts longer and your restaurant uses less. Less oil use means less profit loss. Most of these services boast being able to reduce oil use by half, saving restaurants more than the cost of the service itself.

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