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Soccer news begins to emerge in the January of each year. As the World Cup season nears its conclusion, soccer news becomes more scarce and hard to find. The World Cup is a well known event, but what about the rest of the leagues?

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Many people look forward to the monthly magazine or newspaper column that highlights the latest in the premier league in North America. Soccer news starts to appear in these publications in the January of every year. It is always difficult to predict which team will win their division or national championship. Soccer may be a different sport than football, but its principles are similar.

A quick look through the pages of the soccer news bundles for the January 21st shows a list of events that were released prior to this list of events. A plethora of information is available pertaining to the upcoming premier league matches link sopcast. The schedules are broken down by teams and players. Some of the matches are already set up and some have varying details still to be ironed out. A list of players that are currently injured, as well as their whereabouts, is also provided.

Two of the most intriguing matches to follow are those from Manchester United and Liverpool. Both sides feature experienced players, but the attacking triumvirate of Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, and Robin van Persie, and the defensive partnership of Glen Johnson and Terence Kong are simply too great an offensive force to beat the Union Berlin in the premiership. Other matches on the list of Soccer News Bundesliga picks include Borussia Monchengladbach and FC Ingolstadt, who meet in the Champions League in the playoffs. In Germany, Borussia are expected to defeat FC Ingolstadt in the semis. Finally, FC Ajax and AZ Alkmaar both face tough encounters, with Ajax winning both matches.

Another exciting part of Soccer News Premier League is the upcoming European season. Six nations will compete for the Group Stage of the competition, which will determine which teams go to the knockout stages. The four groups of four will include defending champions Chelsea, who are favorites to win the group, and Inter Milan, PSV Eindhoven, and Hamburgers FC. Other notable teams and players in the group stage include FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Besiktas, Sevilla, and Arsenal.

Soccer News Premier League picks are subject to change depending on injuries and various other outside factors. The information is not necessarily confirmed by the leagues or clubs themselves. So, it is important to check regularly for updates. Make sure to bookmark this site and the soccer news sections on your favorite social networking sites and e-mail them to yourself if you plan to watch a game this weekend. Remember, good information and analysis to make a big difference in the quality of play and the success of a team during leagues like the premier league.

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