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To the average person, the term “psychic science” may sound like a new term for parapsychological investigation, but in truth, psychic science has been around since before recorded history. This is because this scientific discipline seeks the answers to the mysteries behind the universe. Many believe that all life and reality are deeply linked, and that we each have a deep connection to these interwoven threads. If this is true, then it stands to reason that there is a reason why the laws of science and the laws of spirituality are compatible with each other.

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So how does psychic science relate to religion? In many cases, psychic scientists try to apply deductive reasoning to the observed facts they gather, including parapsychological (astronomical, metaphysical, and spiritual) investigations. Abstractly, psychic science may sound like a new focus in parapsychological investigation, but in actuality, it has long served as an umbrella term for other similar scientific disciplines. For instance, the belief in God is often considered to be physical phenomena, and the beliefs held by religious Scientists may also be considered as being physical realities.

Science has many methods for collecting evidence bieu do ngay sinh. While faith-based religions often rely on a strong physical presence as proof of God, scientific investigations generally use observations of the observed facts. Spiritualists and Parapsychologists alike can use observed facts to establish the existence and properties of an unseen superior intelligence. They use this information to further understand the workings of that superior intelligence.

The biggest problem with psychic science is its reliance on the observed results rather than on the deductive method of science. While this method has been useful in the past for providing evidence for discoveries made by scientists, more recent generations have grown weary of scientific evidence and have sought to provide psychic evidence for psychic abilities. In the past, psychics would use candles, stones, photographs, and amulets as psychic mediums. Nowadays, these methods are generally disregarded, and many individuals instead choose to focus on the evidence compiled by psychic scientists.

The methods that these scientists use to gather evidence vary. Some use a combination of observation and deduction, while others rely only on direct experience or on psychic visions. Some use intuition, while others study aura, clairvoyance, and remote viewing. There are even a few that use modern technology, such as DNA testing and Near Field Magnetic Energy.

There is no arguing that the observed facts that form the foundation of the scientific method used by psychic scientists are quite different from those used by spiritualists. This does not mean that psychic abilities are untrue. It just means that the basis of psychic evidence cannot be used to prove or disprove a psychic’s abilities.

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