Discover The Lost Art Of Old Home Remedies

There has been a real surge in the interest of old home remedies and natural products to help with all kinds of ailments. This has come partly from a growing awareness of the side effects of some drug treatments. And there are others that want to return to a more natural way of living.

Here are some examples of home remedies that your grandmother may have been familiar with. These are just for historical purposes and have not been proven, so I don’t recommend using any of this information to self-medicate.

Bruises – place a piece of steak on the bruise

Hiccups – drink a glass of water, or hold your breath

Sore throat – drink honey and lemon in hot water

Hayfever – eat local honey (not commercially bought) 3 times a day

It is wise to remember that there are many situations where only conventional medicine will do. These are particularly the case with emergencies such as a heart attack. In cases like this it is always best to consult the advice of a trained medical doctor or other qualified personnel.

Many people mistakenly believe that natural remedies are free from side effects. This is simply not true. Many plants can have serious side effects if eaten such as monkshood or deadly nightshade. Even plants that are safe for most people can cause a reaction in The Lost Book of Herbal a small proportion of the population.

Many of the old home remedies have a history stretching back hundreds of years. The classic way of collecting home remedies was for people to literally use what was around them. This meant finding a use for the plants that grew in the hedgerows around about. This was a great way of collecting ‘organic’ remedies in a time before the introduction of pesticides. This required a great deal of skill on the part of the gatherer in determining what plants are healing and which are harmful.

Nowadays it is more likely that city dwellers will resort to herbal remedies that have been bought pre-prepared. If you are looking for a place to obtain remedies from, you can start by looking at your local health food shop or from a specialist online vendors. Many of the vitamin and dietary supplement suppliers also sell old home remedies.

If you are interested in making some remedies yourself, this is quite possible if you have access to a good herbal remedy book or access to the Internet. In fact it is easier now to create herbal remedies than ever before as it is relatively easy to get hold of all kinds of exotic herbs and spices to use as ingredients.

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