R Mobile Trader iPhone and Android Trading Platform

R Mobile Trader

The R Mobile Trader app for iPhone and Android is a revolutionary new mobile trading application that offers all the functionality of an online trading platform, but with the convenience of a cell phone. This iPhone and Android app allows users to trade in the Forex market from anywhere they are. This is possible because it works in conjunction with an international FX brokerage firm’s high speed internet network. R Mobile Trader also works automatically with the rest of their suite of online Forex trading services and makes it even easier to use, since everything is perfectly synchronized.

The mobile trading apps provide most of the same functionality and features as their web-based counterpart, which includes the ability to buy and sell on multiple asset classes with real-time quotes, access multiple exchange types, and much more. One of the most unique selling points of R Mobile Trader for iPhone and Android users is the easy to use interface. Although this is similar to other online brokerages’ trading features, the fact that the entire trading process takes place on the go makes it much easier to get up and running than typical online brokerages robomarkets app.

This is especially helpful for those with busy lives, as well as those that may not be able to always leave their home or other location. Online brokers are generally available only during business hours, making it impossible to meet those times when it would be convenient for them to utilize their services. Since trading can take place at any time of day or night, there is no reason not to trade any time of day or night. R Mobile Trader allows its users to make trades any time they choose, which is one of the most appealing selling points of this product.

Of course, the ease of use is only part of the equation, and there are many other advantages to R Trader for iPhone and Android. The fact that it is an iPhone and Android compatible trading platform is another big selling point. Most other trading platforms must be downloaded onto a computer in order to be used. iPhone and Android users are given the ability to simply download the software, install it, and begin making trades immediately. All they need is a smartphone of course to make the trades.

The applications allow users to make trades using a variety of financial instruments covering forex, stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. These include trading stocks, futures, options, and mutual funds. A variety of financial instruments including indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the FTSE100 allow for the exchange of financial instruments, too. Finally, R Trader also supports trading accounts for clients of the stock and bond markets.

R Trader does have its disadvantages. It does not have as many features as some of the other stock and forex trading platforms. It does not yet have a large number of financial instruments covering forex, stocks, and commodities. However, the superior interface, user-friendly design, powerful functionality, and extensive library of trading tools make it an excellent choice for iPhone and Android traders.

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