Accuracy is More Important Than Power

Can you remember back to the first few times you played a round of golf? Maybe it’s not that long ago. I can certainly remember that my sole purpose while on the course was to hit the ball as hard as possible in order to get it to the hole in as few shots as possible. After all that’s that aim of the game isn’t it? Well, yes it is but there is something all golfers need to get right before they even think about hitting the ball any harder and that is accuracy.

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It might sound a bit counterintuitive but while ever you concentrate on hitting the ball hard your will never get the ball to go as far as you want it to. Thoughts of power and distance are tantamount to a mental condition which needs correcting. Once you have learned that hitting the ball as hard as possible is not the best approach then you will start to see a huge improvement in your game. Once you realise that you need to correct your approach to hitting the ball then you will be able to be more accurate with your shots and you will be able to concentrate on controlling your body position and the club position a lot easier. This will eventually lead to you hitting the ball with the most effective part of the club face thereby leading to greater distance 최상위파워볼.

Another reason accuracy is important than power is quite simply that there isn’t much point getting the distance if your ball ends up in the trees. You will be in a much better position to play a shot towards the green if you land the ball on the fairway, even if it is a few yards closer to you than you would have liked. Playing the ball into the trees

or into the rough will only make for a frustrating following shot which will likely also not be that accurate meaning you may end up playing two shots from that position as opposed to only the one you would have needed from the fairway.

So how do you begin to start playing this way? Well, the first thing to do is make your swings more natural and comfortable rather than big and powerful. A lot of the power within a golf shot comes from the club itself, especially if you hit the ball with the correct part of it. With less aggressive more controlled swings it is more likely that you will achieve this. You will hit the ball accurately more often which will also serve to make you feel good about the way you are playing. It will also allow you to feel what your body is doing throughout the swing thereby allowing you to make micro adjustments to improve it even further. You will find that once you start playing this way, you will never stop as the ability to slightly improve from one shot to the next becomes addictive.

Once you have mastered these smaller controlled swings then you may want to start swinging with a fuller back lift thereby increasing the power of your shot. Do this gradually though. Don’t go straight from a small swing to a full swing overnight as you will lose the accuracy you have worked so hard to attain. Eventually you will get to the position where you are confident and accurate enough with your swing to go full the full swing and you will achieve a much bigger distance that if you had carried on just trying to hit the ball harder.

If you find that suddenly your shots are going all over the place then reduce your swing until you get the accuracy back. An accurate shot that lands a few yards short than a long shot that ends up in the rough.

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