Reduce Belly Fat – 3 Steps To Finally Get the Body You Have Always Wanted In 60 Seconds!

You are reading this because you are not happy with your body, you feel your belly is too fat. Where there was once firm toned skin, now there is flab and sag. Looking in the mirror you don’t recognize the body looking back.

Have you tried to reduce belly fat before and failed? Don’t feel bad, that is why WEIGHT LOSS is a billion dollar industry,they want you to fail.

Today I am going to show you the way to finally get the body you have always wanted. These are the simplest and most effective ways to reduce belly fat:

Oh I know you have heard this before but 30 minutes of the right kind of exercise will burn that flab.

Combination cardio and resistance training.

Cardio will increase the metabolic rate (helping your body to burn fat faster) and resistance training will burn calories fast.

For 30 minutes, in your own home.

3 times a week.

Turn on good energetic music, it is easier to exercise to a beat.

Set your phone to beep every 60 seconds.

Alternate the following exercises, preform each Biotox gold  exercise for 60 seconds and then preform another one. Skipping, jog on spot, squats, lunges, sit ups, stomach crunches, jumping jacks, star jumps, the plank, leg raises and push ups.

Vary the routine and repeat exercises until the 30 minute is over.

This is a simple fast routine you can do at home with your partner or friend or alone.

Eating Fat Burning Foods.

Eating certain foods will actually help the body burn fat. Including fresh food and vegetables in your diet will keep the digestive system working properly. Cleaning out the toxins and boosting metabolic rate.

Cayenne pepper and chillies have a substance which attacks and cause the fats cells to disappear. Fresh foods will have the vitamins and minerals which the body needs to perform properly.

Processed foods contain too much sugar which the body turns to glucose and stores as fat. Those two solutions are very effective in reducing belly fat over time

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