What is the Difference Between Advertising Gifts and Business Gifts?

What constitutes a great promotional business gift?

If you think of yourself as the recipient, a great or acceptable gift is “something you would not necessarily buy but would love to receive”. Promotional gifts can be categorised generally as either advertising gifts or business gifts.

Advertising gifts quite overtly project your message to the recipient, and if displayed in a public area, to everybody in the vicinity as well.

Two separate examples of this is, a mug on a desk, and a wall clock at a trade buying centre or in a reception area. Both these gifts will advertise your message and image 24/7 in obviously different ways. Both reach a targeted audience!

To be acceptable personally to a recipient and his employer, each item should adhere to THREE BASIC LAWS of successful Promotional Gifts.

1) The first law is a high degree of work ethic.

2) The second is usefulness.

3) The third is synergy. Adhere to these THREE BASIC LAWS and your Promotional Gift will be valued by the recipient and not tossed in the waste bin.

As an example of suitable gifts for a building firm, why not suggest, spirit levels, architects rules, tape measures, rulers, Hi-Vis work wear or even hard hat pencil sharpeners all with a logo printed on them. All these would work for you because they embrace the THREE BASIC LAWS.

For office or desk based recipients – mouse mats, mugs, rulers, pens, calendars. You will soon get the knack once you start your project and speak with your promotional gifts distributor.

Promotional gifts should ideally always have your logo and if possible be in your company colours.

You should consider sending your customers a number of products that form a set:

1) Send them a mouse mat.

2) Then send them coasters

3) Then a ceramic mug to put on the coaster.

This strategy if implemented over a period of time will subliminally surround your target recipient with your company images, and messages,.

Business gifts impart the same philosophy and psychology as advertising gifts, but with subtlety, because these items have a more discrete logo or message.

As an example a range of leather goods, sent with a simple 環保袋 logo embossed in gold, silver, or even blind embossed, will be very well received.

Perhaps first send a small leather credit card holder, and at later date a leather cheque book holder, then follow up a personal leather money wallet, and if a recipient warrants it, even more leather gifts progressing all the way up to an expensive conference folder, or desk set.

Once again the collection approach will work positively for your company and also be gratefully received by your customer, unaware you have cornered his desk or work area and surrounded it with your companies images and message on each of the gifts. Each of these leather items should be made in the same material to maintain continuity of your corporate image right throughout the promotional campaign.

Giving away a laptop and business or conference bags with your logo on will surely result in daily usage by the recipient giving the sender even more advertising ‘bangs for their bucks’.

Yet another example of this strategy is to give a client a quality pen set in a specific sequence. First send a propelling pencil, at a later date a fountain pen.

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