Affordable Self Help

Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, and Dr. Joy Brown are just a few of the many self help gurus out there to help you make sense of this confusing world. Motivational speakers and life coaches such as Anthony Robbins and Tommy Newberry also aid us in recreating our lives for increased fulfillment. Because they spent their entire lives honing their crafts, their speaking and teaching fees are fairly high. Even if you shop for professionals who are not as famous but equally talented, the standard fees are in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That does not mean you are forever out of the personal development market. Since the most successful people are those who are continually learning and looking to incorporate new knowledge and ideas into their lives, they make a regular practice of doing some type of independent study. Even if you cannot fly out to the latest exotic location to attend a life transforming seminar, there are many simple steps you can take now to grow your mind.

1. Books

You can always keep a paperback handy in your brief case or purse to pull out at any break, quiet moment, or time you have to stand in line. Have a pen handy to underline and write notes inside the covers. If you order books through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you will get email updates of similar self help books or the newest publication of your favorite author.

2. Library book clubs

Find a local library that holds book club meetings. Many book clubs highlight novels but more non-fiction clubs are forming. This allows you the opportunity to interact with others who are reading the same book and bounce ideas off one another. It’s like having a room full of supportive coaches.

3. CD’s and other audio

For long car rides and commutes, listening to a motivational speaker on your audio player is quite a time saver. Many MP3’s can be downloaded from internet sites now, as well. Many authors offer free downloads to introduce their work to the public. This is handy because you get a sneak preview to what they offer.

4. Teleseminars

Without leaving your home to go to a hotel based seminar, you chris hsu hedge fund can get on your phone and dial in to listen, and possibly ask questions or listen to others’ questions being answered.

5. Talk to your boss

If you find speaker or good topic that pertains to your occupation or would be a nice contribution to the employee wellness program, let your boss know. Explain why you see it as a win-win for the company as well as the individual employees. It becomes a deductible training expense and everyone around you also gets to participate.

To get the most out of your self help endeavors, keep a notebook for listing your goals with a step by step achievement plan. As you write your plan, include your favorite quotes from authors and speakers that have been influential. Reread them on a daily basis for continued inspiration. Write down simple reminders to help you stay on your transformational path. These are crucial for reinforcing new habits that may still be easy to drop when the usual distractions get in the way.

As you become more familiar with different motivational speakers you will find it more fulfilling to attend their seminars because you already understand their basic teaching messages. It also gives you more time to plan for the extra expenses of a seminar such as travel, hotel, etc. Going the least expensive routes first such as the suggestions listed above allows you to make a well thought out purchase whether you are interested in personal coaching, or seminars. Enjoy the journey.

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