The True Cause of Acid Reflux Disease

There is much false information among alternative wellness counselors and physicians who will try and convince you that if you become a vegan, drink ionized “alkaline water,” or take coral calcium, you can raise the pH level of the blood, prevent cancer, or cure your digestive disease. But this is simply not true. From the research I’ve done in biology and chemistry, as well as long-term personal experimentation with many “alkalizing” treatments for my chronic acid reflux, I’ve learned that the Intelligent Body is perfectly capable of restoring the appropriate pH balance to all of its cells, fluids, and organs (which varies greatly), and reverse the disease — when it’s given the appropriate assistance. And it will do this — in its own way and in its own time — no matter how “incurable” the disease is proclaimed to be.

Certain foods can leave end-products called “ash” that can change the acidity of your urine, but that’s unrelated to your digestive process because your urine is Acidaburn isolated in your bladder and does not affect the pH of any other part of your body.

When you ingest excessive protein, your body cannot store it, so the excess amino acids are converted to organic acids that would acidify your blood. However, your blood never becomes too acidic because as soon as the proteins are converted to organic acids, calcium (from your bones) and sodium bicarbonate (secreted from the pancreas) is utilized by the body to neutralize the acid and prevent any rise in blood pH. This is one reason why it’s important to consume sufficient calcium every day so that your body doesn’t take it from your bones.

The stomach is an acid organ and when it is deficient in hydrochloric acid, this can be a serious problem. Digestion begins in the mouth and a major part of it occurs in the stomach. If you’re not properly digesting your food, your body is not assimilating the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids that it needs for optimum health. When the “sensors” that measure the pH of your stomach in the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) valve, located in between the stomach and esophagus, detect a concentration of stomach acid low enough to properly digest food, it will close tight, preventing a backward flow. On the other hand, when the pH of the stomach is is too high (because of insufficient hydrochloric acid), the LES valve will open up, causing gastroesophageal (GERD), a.k.a. acid reflux disease.

Conversely, the pyloric sphincter, located in between the stomach and the small intestines, is the valve with a job to do pretty much the opposite. It won’t open until stomach acidity is raised — until after the food is properly digested. However, when crudely and improperly digested chyme inside the stomach then becomes rancid, putrefies, and ferments into toxic compounds, the “gatekeeper” pyloric valve will lock tight to prevent these too-acidic putrefied toxins from entering into the alkaline environment of the small intestine. When this happens, bloating occurs and the putrefied chyme backs up into the esophagus, causing acid reflux. The more you age, the less hydrochloric acid your body produces.

All foods that leave your stomach are acidic, no matter how alkaline they were when you ingested them. That just your stomach doing its job properly. When food enters your intestines, bicarbonate of soda from your pancreas neutralizes the stomach acids. So, no matter what you consume, the food in your stomach becomes acidic and the food in your intestines becomes alkaline.

If the cause of acid reflux is due to the fact that the stomach’s acidity is not acid enough, then the cure to acid reflux is to lower the stomach acid, not raise it. Because the stomach is an acid organ, when you try and block the acid by drowning it out with Tums, Pepto Bismol, and prescription drug acid blockers, then all you’re doing is relieving the acid in your esophagus — which does give temporary relief — but in the long run, you’re contributing to your body’s inability to properly digest its food and assimilate essential nutrients and minerals.

Having enough hydrochloric acid (HCl) is absolutely critical for complete digestion. If you have acid reflux, frequent heartburn, or frequent indigestion, then the pancreas will not be activating sufficient sodium bicarbonate for the small intestines to do its job of assimilating nutrients. In my personal wellness coaching sessions as well as in my upcoming book, The Intelligent Body, I explain in detail how to get the HCl levels of your stomach normalized to reverse these digestive diseases without having to take harmful acid blockers.

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