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Online Dating on Twitter

Are you going to find the love of your life on a Twitter 香港交友網? Possibly not. But you can have some fun and at the same time practice your casual flirting techniques!

So where do you start to Twirt?

Well, first you join Twitter if you haven’t already. Build up your followers by inviting your friends and acquaintances to join you 交友平台. This is important as it builds up your status – if someone is going to view you as a potential date, it is good to look friendly and have a nice social group following you – gives a good impression. Watch what you Tweet, you never know when that date is watching what your Tweeting!

Now believe it or not there are Twitter dating applications to help you to meet a date 識女仔途徑. These are Twitcrush, Bubble and Radaroo. As with online dating sites, they each have their slight differences:

Twitcrush allows you to indicate you have a ‘crush’ on someone, Bubble tries to match you up with someone based on your tweets etc, whilst you Tweet Radaroo your location and interests and it tries to match you up accordingly.

Moving on from apps to generally tweeting – the more you see someone on Twitter, the more you can get to know them or at least build up an idea of who you think they are. You can Tweet away quite merrily about anything and they in turn will see you without you appearing to be chasing them! So Tweet regularly and show that potential date how great you are.

Then there is the Twitter Search Function. Type in keywords to find people who may rock your boat. You can search using locations, hobbies, music, anything in fact so it is up to you to use your imagination here, but a good suggestion is to keep it close to home and use topics you know something about.

Who are following your followers? If you spot someone who looks good, simply take it easy and Tweet for a little while. On Twitter it is all about chat and getting to know someone so watch what they are twittering about and simply pick up on it, a random “I noticed you are into skiing, where is the best place you have been” or something similar could be a good ice-breaker. Once you have built up some Twittering history you can drop that first flirt in and see what happens.

We then start to get a little technical with Hashtags (#). These are used to easily group similar tweets, automatically linking to Twitter search. Add a hashtag such as #films, #onlinedating, #skiing will help others looking for these things to find you.

Online dating can be an interesting world, however there is more than one option, Twittering, Twirting or whatever you would like to call it, is just one of those options. Cast your net wide and use various methods and you increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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