Ride For Health and Enjoy the Burn of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are popular among individuals who have arthritic backs, joint pain, or other spinal conditions, because the bike has a back rest that supports the lower spine. Leaning back in the seat to peddle will work the legs and hip flexors, and strengthen the muscles in the calves and thighs. Most exercise bikes have the latest technological advantages such as, cards that may be inserted that personalize the individuals workout routine. This includes blood pressure, calories burned, how many rotations per minute the bike is spinning, and there is also the option to use headphones to either watch the built in television or radio to add to the pleasure of exercising.

In the fitness centres across the U.S. spinning classes are so popular, there is a waiting list to get into one, but there are many affordable exercise bikes on sale today if you prefer to become fit in the privacy of your own home. For example, the NordicTrack C3 Si Recumbent Biofit Bike has a card to plug in that allows you to exercise with your own personal trainer. Included in this bike is an entry pad for you to type in your weight, height and age, This ensures the workout is the best one for you. For a really intense workout session why not try the Weslo Pursuit S 2.8 Upright exercise bike? Because of its unique design, you will burn calories much faster than with other bikes. The ergonomic handlebars ensure you a comfortable ride with less fatigue. The digital display allows you to enter your challenge levels, including speed, weight and calories burned.

The Schwinn 140 Upright exercise bike is only $340 but offers the advantages of a much more expensive machine. This compact bike works on balancing the core muscles of your body as you feel the burn in the legs, calves and hips. Featuring a biofit workout, the pedals and handlebars are ergonomic, the seat is built for comfort and adjustable to the height desired. Additionally, Due to the design of the flywheel you will feel as if you are actually on the road with a smooth, energy inducing ride that others only dream of. For more affordable bikes please check out the Internet for more information and get riding for health today.

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