The Meanings of Health and its Promotion 2021

Today, there seem to be three different definitions of “health” that are available. The first one is that health means not having any diseases or impairments. The second is that a healthy state allows one to manage all aspects of everyday life. The third definition says that health is the state of being in balance. It is an equilibrium between oneself and his social, physical and emotional environment.

It can have devastating consequences for you Retinyl Palmitate Lactobacillus Paracasei Amazonif you decide to adopt one or more of these definitions. If health is defined by the absence of disease, then the medical profession is qualified to declare someone healthy. The advancements in medicine mean that people who are considered healthy today may later be diagnosed as having a disease. 

The paradigm of health doesn’t consider how an individual feels. Only if the surroundings’ observations match those of the medical professionals, is it relevant how an individual feels about his or her health? Also, measuring the health state of a population involves only counting people who exhibit symptoms and comparing them to those who do not.

There are obvious problems with the two definitions above, as well their consequences. Others may not feel ill, but their abnormalities could be considered signs or symptoms of a serious disease. Others feel sick, have no symptoms and are not affected by changes in their body tissues. There are some people who can hear voices. This makes them candidates for psychiatric exam and treatment. They still live well in their local community and do not seek out medical care. 

There are many people who, despite having peptic ulcers, don’t know they have the disease, have no symptoms, and do nothing to seek treatment. Some people with peptic ulcers and other diseases will not be considered healthy under the second definition. This is because they function well in their age group and gender. The third definition makes health dependent on how a person manages to maintain a balance with themselves and the environment. 

The ability to find an internal equilibrium to make the most of life, despite having a disease or impairment, will define health. Thus, health can be defined as an aspect of human existence which is unaffected by diseases. This is similar to the sky that holds its shape despite the clouds. This definition doesn’t mean that diseases are able to replace people’s health.

Although they may affect their balance more heavily or less so, patients with chronic illnesses (and their doctors too) can always remember to focus on both the removal or treatment of the disease and the establishment of a healthy balance, both within their bodies and in relation to their environment. This definition helps us to combat stigmatization caused by many chronic or acute diseases, including mental disorders, leprosy, and other conditions. 

The differences in what constitutes health have an effect on the promotion of health. The most basic definition of health would include the absence of any disease. This definition would then lead to the promotion and elimination of all diseases. The inclusion of functioning would be evident in the definition. For example, promotion of the health could be described as a process through which individuals’ abilities to cope will be increased or strengthened.

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