Best Rated Condoms and Why People Love Them

Every year, several consumer groups and condom retailers bring out their lists of best condoms in terms of efficacy and popularity among their respondents in the U.S. Though not to be acknowledged as absolute standards in which other condom products would be measured against, it would still be good to know which varieties of prophylactic are much in demand.

Each list has come up with different ratings of best condoms. However, a few of them have been consistently occupying top 10 spots of best condoms in terms of value, durability, and added features that heighten sensations.

The Durex Extra Sensitive Condom has been preferred by most respondents because of its thinness, about .0019 of an inch. Most couples using this condom enjoy the feeling of enhanced closeness afforded by this product. With enough lubrication and contoured shape, slightly flaring at the front part, male respondents report heightened sensation with minimal fear of breakage, an important consideration in selecting the best condoms to use.

Another product consistently making its way in the list of best rated is the Durex Natural Feeling Non-Lubricated Condom, easily patronized by those with allergies toward lubricants. This product has been around for many years and has developed a loyal following. Since it has no lubricant, it does not slip off easily and some users report this condom as ideal.

Consumers also respond positively after using the Beyond 7 Condoms, made by a Japanese manufacturer that uses Sheerlon, a type of latex that is thinner than the conventional one, thus affording better sensation for both partners. Despite the thinness, Beyond Seven Sheerlon is quite strong and expandable, easily fitting average to larger-sized men, reasons for its inclusion in anybody’s list of best condoms.

Other notable condoms from the Trojan brand include its Magnum, Extended Pleasure, Ultra Ribbed, the Elexa Ultra Sensitive, and the traditional standard, the Trojan ENZ condom.

From the Durex product line, consumers picked the Avanti polyurethane condoms, Performax Lubricated that touts extended pleasure for both partner, and the Maximum 情趣震動棒 Love Condoms that men favor because of its contoured shape that is a little flared at the front and extra lubrication.

LifeStyles have also produced several condoms that are getting good feedback from users, like the Snugger Fit that covers average-sized person well. Because the fear of slipping off is eliminated, consumers report having better sex while lasting longer compared to other products. Another consumer group ranks the Ultra Sensitive Lubricated high on its list of best condoms because it is not only reliable and strong, it is also sensitive.

Another LifeStyles classic product, the Dual Pleasure Lubricated, was also recognized because it is shaped like a light bulb at the front part, heightening sensation for both partners. The extra space also favors the men who feel constricted with other shapes of condoms. His N Her Pleasure also provides a lot of headroom, while women respond favorably to its ribbed surface.

Another notable product in the best condoms list is the Crown Skin Less Skin Condom by Okamoto, which boasts of thinness that makes users feel like they are not wearing any protective device at all. It also fit most men snugly, furthering heightening both partner’s sexual experiences. Another product patronized for its sensitivity is the Kimono Micro Thin Condoms.

Rounding off are two textured products, the Pleasure Plus condom and the Viva Ribbed, perfect for those looking for that something extra in their sexual encounters.

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