Best Reel in Ascot’s King George2021

&Quotation; This is just an option for [enter the competition], but I don’t know the result. Moore said. & Quot; There is a couple who can move on. He right-clicked the door and fell forward. Everyone wants to take the initiative to lose) Facing his disadvantage. This is his first game in the rear of Hong Kong (April). He has the right to participate, and fast terrain is very important to him. he.

&Amp;amp; “Aidan O & # x27; has now won King George’s Brian four Reel King times, hope the Highland Scroll can target Santa Anita’s breeder & amp; # x27; Cup Turf in November, it looks like a Fast “It has speed, it likes speed, you can go anywhere a mile and a half or a mile and a half away,” he said. He says. O& # x27; Brian said. “You can go to the Stallion Cup, Australia or Hong Kong, you have a lot of choices. We know you don’t mind the race, you killed them during the Secretariat (the race held in Arlington Park last August).

& # X27; & amp; # x27; This time on the soft ground. He walked forward, but this was not soft ground. horse. Within a mile and a half, he was tactically very strong. "Highland Scroll & # x27;Record in Breeders & amp;# x27;The cup group fell. Around 6-1, there may be points in the international championships in York next month. 16-1, but the US Army Rangers fell behind in the derby. Hazande’s runner-up looks more likely. Maintaining stability in that race, Frankel scored 5 of 14 victories on this track, and the best horse in memory took first place. Won the team championship in his new career.

When Ferreva led the third group of the Princess Margaret Championship, her career was a stallion. Frankel’s freshman has a total of eight ponies entering the track, seven of which are. At least one success was achieved. However, Fair Eva’s performance has taken a big step forward, always marked by first-class quality. Speaking secretly, yes & quot; When asked if he expected such a remarkable success, Charlton said. &Convention; This is not true, because you can’t think like that.

“But everything he did was very professional, he looked great, and I think his performance in Haydock (June) is really exciting. We don’t know what he won that day, but he defeated a good horse. Getting up after winning is a good sign. Obviously, another stadium can go. I hope I can walk a mile next year. “The seven Moyglare Stud Stakes held in The Curragh in September are possible targets for Fair Eva, although the second Lowther series stake held in York in August may provide more gradual improvements.”

Roger said all seven are possible. is yours. I want it now & amp; agree; Fair Eva driver Frankie D& # x27; Tori said. “This is only his second game. [Forward] It was a bit idle, but when I hit it, it opened and found another gear. Charlton completed the double crown on the day of the time trial (one of the main competitors in the international championship) and won the Sky Bet York Stakes Group 2 championship by a narrow margin. Time Test had to surpass Mondialiste in the final stage, but still ranked third in the world, only defeated by Postponed and Hawkbill

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