Elder Care Services: Personal Transportation

As the largest generation in American history enters its golden years, the number of elderly drivers will triple over the next 20 years. Now, we’re not saying older motorists are more dangerous than those in other age groups-the numbers are. So don’t blame us! The fact is that as we age, our eyesight, hearing, and reaction time diminishes, making it harder for us to operate a motor vehicle. That said, many seniors are reluctant to surrender their driving privileges. Why?

The automobile has always been a literal and figurative symbol of independence in America. In fact, getting one’s license is considered a rite of passage for young people. But losing your license, well, that’s a different story. Few people actually stop to think what that might mean to an elderly individual-to be deprived of a privilege that he/she enjoyed for their entire adult lives. According to most senior drivers, it makes them feel like children.

With that said, motorists who are no longer able to operate an automobile should not be driving. In most cases, it is up to the family of that elderly operator to help them make the transition from driver to passenger. This transition is made infinitely easier if they have access to elder care services that include personal transportation.

How They Can Help

Believe it or not, most elderly drivers don’t actually enjoy driving. They don’t go out cruising or take road trips, as they might have when they were younger. But they do enjoy the independence that comes with knowing they can run errands on their own. Although delicate, this is a fairly simple problem to solve. As long as the former motorist has access to reliable transportation through elder care services, they probably won’t mind having someone else behind the wheel.

Available Options

Fortunately, there are many choices when it comes to personal transportation for seniors. There are buses, taxis, and even personal drivers. There are also home 老人院綜援 health aides, who may provide transportation as part of their elder care services package. The choice of service really does depend on the customer.

Some folks find that they enjoy taking trips with other seniors on buses. Of course, these buses probably won’t take them on personal errands. More often than not, they shuttle them to and fro popular, public buildings, such as libraries, community centers, and post offices. But if they have to go to the market, the doctor, shopping, or to a residential address, then an elderly person may have to hire a car service.

The Costs

Although they are personal chauffeurs of sorts, car services for seniors are far more affordable than you might think. Most offer annual memberships at a discount for elderly passengers. They are able to turn a profit because they save time with scheduled appointments, rather than riding around, looking for fares like taxi drivers. As a result, drivers can often make a tidy sum by p

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