The Power of Core Breathing For Golf – An Approach to Golf As You Get Older

The power of core/breathing approach for golfers is about coordinating the internal muscle action within the mind and body relationship for the golf swing. There is a need to exercise each day if your over 55 and using the golf swing and playing golf as an incentive to develop your exercise program so it enhances your enjoyment and ability to play golf. Core/breathing should be the center area of development within your exercises daily. In fact older you get the more focus on a daily bases should be to core/breathing and how to use it within your daily movement for its about engaging the core and breathing to set down or lift the smallest things. Core/breathing exercise is not hour a day but all day long to keep muscles in good tone and atrophy at its low level give your age.

If a person has chosen golf as their sport of choice the development of a exercise program to stay fit to play golf has to be personally developed. Focusing on your sport of golf in two different ways. First you develop your over all exercise program to keep your muscles tone and developed through out your body. Second you refine your exercise muscle development that focuses on an select group of muscles that your sport uses as its main force of physical action. Golf uses the whole body to play the game, so toning muscles is needed and then there are the muscles that you have to work that enhances your swing and lower the chance of injuries.

The more you play golf can have an affect on a persons physical atrophy level if they do not use the shoulders as their main force in movement. There is using the wrong muscles to create your physical movement that increase atrophy. This program sees the core and breathing as the main force to movement and doing golf for when the core goes weak and the breath become short, strength and endurance leaves person. It does take focus to manage your rate of physical atrophy starting around 55 so when you are in your 70 and 80, you can still play a good game of golf and that comes with, a good golf swing. If your over 65 and older and want to change your physical atrophy so you can play golf at a higher level, finding exercise programs that directly works on atrophy and it has to begin with core and breathing and then how to use core and breathing within your your game.

In golf, lower back problems are an impediment to a golf swing then comes muscles range motion in turning and then the shoulders problems. These are the basic physical weak point that impede a good golf swing and game. How to approach each problem and work within the interconnection between them for they are connected within your golf swing. Learning about your physical parts within your golf swing helps you realize your whole body and using the desire to play the game of golf give reason to work at your physical atrophy. The rewards to exercise within the context of the game of golf creates enjoyable moments and its physical to mental. The power of the core/breathing is the center point to give you strength and energy for any physical sport. To affect your lower back problems core/breathing is the beginning to reshape your lower back in your golf swing. Shoulder displacement can be affected by how you inhale in your chest to affect the shape of the shoulder during your swing. The range of motion is in direct ability to relax muscles and the force of exhaling is the first thing you can do to affect relaxation.

These are general ideas and finding and developing techniques within each idea to be affective on atrophy and your golf game at the same time has to be put together differently for each person.

Every sport has its physical affect on the body, its just life, but how to deal with it so it does not affect your game and does not hurt your body in the long run takes understanding of your physical body, mind and spirit. Exercising and keeping the muscles tone for the sport of Golf Equipment choices and focus on the muscles that get used most within your sport and keeping them strong lesson atrophy. It is also how you engage and use those muscles to do the golf swing and game that affects how long will they be affective before they get over used and break down and do not heal. Healing muscles is another area of research and should be look at and work on as you get older. Finding techniques that affect muscles, spine and your golf swing form is a challenge of realization of your physical and mental being. Your emotional attitude, which is mental to physical and have direct affect on muscle tension, while you are playing affects your muscle tension and your golf form during your swing. Using the game of golf and your swing to realize more about your self from a physical point of view to your attitudes of life while in the game and creating choices to adjust your game for enjoyment. The more you enjoy what your doing, your muscles are relaxed during your physical activity. Negative attitudes (fear) will tighten muscles in your golf game thereby makes them weak and subject to injury.

The idea of golf as mental game is very common for people that play and they think that way because of how hard it is to hit that little ball and their emotions that come up in their swing and game. To change emotions is harder then changing your swing but they go together. Reality is the golf swing is all physical for golf is a physical game with emotional affect so being clear how they play together creates choices within your game. Adjustments and refinement each time you go out on the course is part of the fun of playing. Its about challenge and testing and realization how things work that make it not boring. Reverse the idea of the golf swing as physical to mental, emotional state but people start their game thinking or holding on to abstraction thoughts that have emotions within ideas in their head, that form a muscle reaction and when they release them, that is when the body does what you trained it to do. Being in the Zone in your game is having the mind feeling the muscles doing what your trained to do but do not have the mind thinking about what your doing.

The power of core/breathing is an approach for the mind to coordinate with core/breathing to activate a persons physical golf form that will give outlet to express their strength within the golf swing. Realize your core/breathing is the center force that the rest of the body uses to create force of action. If the core is weak the hands and feet will be weak and if breath is low endurance will be low. The better the core is connected to breathing action or coordinated within movement of the golf swing the more force can be directed by the mind into hand and feet.

The great Ben Hogan in his book on the golf swing has illustration that gives a good visual expression of the core and how it affects the muscles to coordinate the swing. How to energize those muscles is the approach in this program, the power of core/breathing. By developing core/breathing with your exercises to keep you fit to play golf, is one part and the other part is using the core/breathing while you are hitting the ball on the range and then there is using core/breathing as you are walking the course to relax. The more you use the core/breathing during your game keeps the level of coordination at high level and atrophy at lower level.

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