The Best Cocktail Bar In Fitzroy, Melbourne – Rust Cocktail Lounge – Review

A small door off busy Brunswick Street offers an entrance to a narrow staircase that leads to an intimate bar called Rust. 2-4-1 cocktails and drinks on Thursday and Friday nights along with free entry makes this the place to head for pre-drinks as well as catering for group events and the more private hangouts. Swamped in low sinking mismatched couches Rust captures the epitome of relaxation. Sipping on two Long Island Iced Teas, our bodies melt into the couches, merging and intertwining with the cushions. furniture shop melbourne

This bar is a prime example of why Melbourne’s nightlife is famous for its romantic secrecy and seductiveness. Hidden in one of Fitzroy’s many nooks and crannies, Rust is sheltered from the wild crowds and is rarely accidentally stumbled upon. Located on Brunswick Street near the corner of Johnston Street, trams are frequently stopping past from the city central making navigation fairly straightforward. However it is best to keep a watchful eye for the sign painted vertically on the door frame since the narrow passage to this wondrous bar is easily overlooked.

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Loud and bubbly chatter gradually transforms into a low murmur of giggles and gossip underneath the popular hip-hop remixes. The music is loud and upbeat enough to maintain a sense of excitement despite the overwhelming drowsiness created by the warm glow of the dimmed, low-hanging lamps. Deep, shades of red and orange radiating from the softened lamps replicate a candlelit atmosphere, assisting in establishing an intimate environment.

The bar is tucked away in the far corner of the venue, however friendly and helpful service efficiently ascertains that drinks are plentiful. Thick, red curtains drape across a doorway that leads to a smaller room, which is entirely made up of well-loved couches that are occupied by groups of early 20s and late teens. Casual clothes are common, although dressier girls flutter in and out early in the night before moving on to populate a more dance-orientated venue.

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