Write Website Content to Build Credibility, Not Word Count

If you know anything about search engine optimization, you know that content is everything. Write high-quality content and don’t worry about the word count. Without your own unique content, it’s nearly impossible to drive traffic to your website. This goes for the articles you write on your website and articles you write on other websites. When you write, you’ll want to focus on three key points:

  • Write Original and Unpredictable Content
  • Write Creatively and Demonstrate Personality
  • Offer Free Valuable Information

Write Original and Unpredictable Content

If you want to stand out, you should be original. By being original, people must come to you to get what they want. They cannot go to anyone else because no one else would provide the content you provide.

With the millions of websites on the internet, how would you know that your being original? You can type in a few keyword phrases and check out what’s the top rate content. Take a look at the first 10 websites. Become familiar with your competition and learn what they are writing about. Not only will this make you a better writer, it will give you new ideas and you’ll know what hasn’t been written.

Also, try to be unpredictable. Don’t write the same company About page featured on most websites. Don’t explain what your website is about on the first page – in fact, don’t explain it at all. If you sell products, don’t write with a selling voice. Do what your readers least www.ufabet expect you to do. Here is an example for what you can write if you sell boats: “If you’re catching crab, bring an onion bag, a large cooler, and take your boat out just before the tide comes in.”

The interest is now set. Your readers will want to know how you catch those crabs. Notice how I included the boat. It will make people who don’t have a boat want to get one, while it makes people who have a boat, inspired (even if they don’t enjoy crabbing).

Write Creatively and Demonstrate Your Personality

Writing creatively can be hard, especially when writer’s block hits you. If you rely on being inspired to write creatively, what will you do if you never feel inspired? Many creative thoughts are in your mind – thoughts that are unique to inspiration you receive from the world. You just have to learn how to bring these thoughts out, with or without inspiration. Here are three methods on how to bring out your creativity:

  • Read a book, magazines, or articles on the internet
  • Look at pictures, art, and paintings
  • Involve yourself in a forum and discussion

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