Horse Blankets and Sheets: What You Need to Know

Confusion runs high in some horse owner forums about the subtle variations between different types of horse blankets and sheets. For example, if coolers and anti-sweat sheets are both moisture-wicking, are they the same thing? Can you use them interchangeably? Unfortunately for those confused, there are key differences between coolers and anti-sweat sheets in that one is designed for cold weather (like a blanket) and the other for hot weather (a sheet or mesh-type material). Using them interchangeably could cause a lot of discomfort for your horse. Knowing the basic differences between the different types of horse sheets and blankets will make a world of difference in the comfort level of your horse. 건마

Sheets Vs. Blankets
The easiest way to discern a sheet from a blanket is to look at the amount of fill. Sheets have no fill, which means they do their job without adding any extra weight or warmth to the horse’s body than absolutely necessary. Blankets range from lightweight to heavyweight depending on the amount of fill. Lightweight blankets have a maximum of 120 grams of fill, while heavyweight blankets designed for the coldest weather have up to 400 grams.

Turnout Blankets & Sheets
Turnout sheets and blankets have a rough, durable exterior designed to handle rough weather elements like harsh sun, rain, hail, wind and mud. Whether you choose a turn out sheet or a blanket depends mostly upon the climate and air temperature. Because turnout sheets have no fill, they protect the horse without heating him, but turnout blankets come in different fill levels depending on the temperature. They help keep horses clean and dry and can be layered over other blankets depending on the temperature.

Stable Blankets & Sheets
Because stable sheets and blankets are designed for indoor use, you might consider them the loungewear of horse clothing. They are less durable than turnout blankets or sheets, and are specifically designed to keep horses clean, free from bugs, and warm while they spend time inside the stable.

Coolers are blanket-like pieces of horse clothing made of moisture-wicking fleece or wool material and are designed to wick away water and sweat from a horse’s skin. They are especially helpful in cooler climates, where leaving moisture from a workout or a bath on your horse’s skin might be dangerous for his health. Once the horse is dry, a blanket can be put on to keep him warm without locking in dangerous moisture.

Anti-Sweat Sheets
Like coolers, anti-sweat sheets are made from moisture-wicking material. But instead of being used in cool weather, anti-sweat sheets are lightweight and can be put on horses working or grazing in hot temperatures under a scorching sun.

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