The Thyodine Effect

A few weeks ago, I indulged in one of my addictions, which is shopping online for beauty and health products on my favorite site, Lucky Vitamin. I put one of my “can’t do without” products in my cart only to find out a week later it was on back order. As of this writing, it’s still not arrived, but I think I figured out why. But before I figured this out, I searched online and found other online stores were also completely out! What I discovered was people have been buying excess amounts of iodine due to the recent earthquake in Fukushima, Japan. If you’ve been keeping up in the news, you know the earthquake affected a nuclear power plant which released massive amounts of radiation into the area. Iodine prevents the thyroid from absorbing radiation and can even prevent future thyroid cancer. People in Japan and on the West Coast of the US decided to turn to potassium iodide (a.ka. iodine) for protection. I’ve been taking this miracle substance for a while and was lucky enough to find two bottles at my local nutrition store. I’m glad I called and begged the guy to put them on hold for me! So why do I take iodine?

For years I had a problem with my weight and never thought my thyroid was the culprit. More recently, I began experiencing dry skin, hair loss and bouts with depression. Have you ever been unhappy and just couldn’t figure out why? That was me and I found out exactly why. I went to a local naturopath and had a Bio-meridian assessment. BMA measures the body’s energy meridians and is able to provide feedback on organs and nutritional deficiencies. My practitioner told me my thyroid was out of whack. As you can see, this was not only affecting weight loss, but also my external appearance. If you’re feeling some of the same symptoms I did, chances are it could be thyroid related…so do you know if you’re thyroid is slow or fast and how can you tell?

Hypothyroidism Cause and Treatment

What I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I didn’t understand what it was. Hypothyroidism means your thyroid is not making enough hormone…in other words, low thyroid function. Why is this important? The thyroid runs the body’s metabolism…if your metabolism is running slow (and you have difficulty losing weight) then you may have hypothyroidism. Over 10 million Americans and as many as 10% of women may be suffering with this issue and not even know it. Hypothyroidism 去暗瘡印 is caused by an inflammation of the thyroid gland. This inflammation damages cells which prevents them from making sufficient hormones. If you have thyroid problems in your family, it may be hereditary, but I tend to believe environmental factors play a larger role

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