Why Stories Are an Essential Component in Marketing and Selling

Have you ever wondered why some people just have that gift for engaging their clients more than others? Why do we hang on every word of the charismatic and the gregarious? Often these people are super confident and have a unique charm that is very difficult to bottle, but fundamental to the substance of what all these wonderful people provide us with is the one thing every human being is excited by in communication – stories.

If you can create great stories within your pitch or marketing campaign you have a ready-made audience and the prospective client on the hook. That’s a guarante.

Think about it – all the things we love in the entertainment world has a good story at the core. The blockbuster film, the best-selling book, the evocative play and the hilarious joke. When we were children we sat in silence and in awe as our parents read our favourite stories for the umpteenth time till our failing eyes could not keep us awake anymore 분당스웨디시.

We all have an innate thirst for stories just as much as we have thirst for good food and wine. And just like a good meal can turn your prospective clients head – so can a clever little story.

Clever and astute marketers and sales people will always use stories in promotions and pitching because as well as enhancing social interpersonal skills, stories alter brain chemistry and consequently make listeners more open to ideas from the story teller. Studies by a team in America have shown that the release of the chemical oxytocin makes us more trusting, empathetic and open to others.

Brands today are well aware of how stories can introduce an emotional context to their promotion campaign and steer prospective buyers away from a purely logical and factual front and present a softer friendlier side to the brand. In turn marketing departments are likely to employ a brand creative content director in their promotional teams.

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