Your Client Attraction Story – Share What You Do Clearly and Effortlessly

Persephone is just the type of woman that everyone loves to be around. She is intelligent, friendly and kind. She’s generous with her time and her compliments. She really cares. She’s one of those people you just feel better being near.

Persephone has also just finished her certification to be a life coach and she’s ready to set up her business. She’s extremely excited to help her new clients solve the problems that have been holding them back. She wants to help them make huge leaps in their relationships and careers. She knows that she has a real gift for helping people to feel better about themselves and recognizing how new choices could improve their lives.

However, Persephone has just hit a wall. Last night she went to a networking meeting and she was so impressed by all the successful women there. Each of them introduced themselves so professionally and really showed an interest in what she did, but when they asked those words “Tell us about what you do?”

Persephone froze 홈타이.

She stumbled a few words out about helping people improve their lives and just getting her coaching certification but she felt like she really blew it. The other women just smiled politely and continued on with their conversation. She didn’t know what to say and felt like the rest of the night she kept stumbling trying to recover that terrible first impression and let the women know she really could help them.

Persephone knows that going to networking meetings is important to her business. She knows she needs to be able to talk about her business and what she does in a way that people can “know, like and trust” her. Being a successful coach was so important to her, she really had a gift she wanted to share and it was important enough for her to find real solutions to this problem that could stop her success before she even got started.

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