Online Obituaries – Not Just Death Notices

Obituaries can be seen as mini biographies. They are written to pay homage to the dead. An obituary is also a notice of the death of a person. Along with other details it may also include the person’s name, date and place of death, birth date and age. Other information like Parent’s names, information about spouse and children, and accomplishments may or may not be there.

Before the 19th century, these notices were more inclined towards a person’s character. Publication of intimate personal information regarding a person in such notes was commonplace, if not the rule But in the 20th century, writers started writing more about the accomplishments and associations and less about the character of the deceased. In this manner, Obituary writing evolved over time.

Style of writing in obituary tends to vary from one country to another. While writers in America emphasize more on a person’s achievements and life, British writers pay more attention to memories about the deceased. Each country seems to have a typical writing style.

Something which very few people know about is common mistakes leading to the publication of premature Obituaries. While being disturbing for some, this might be very funny for others. Premature Obituaries because of rumors or confusion between people having similar or same names have been published from time to time. In one such incident where an Obituary was wrongfully published in the New York Journal, the person commented, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.

Normally, obituaries appear within a few days after the death of a person, but some of these get published even after months of a person’s death. With everyone turning towards internet, Obituaries have also moved beyond the newspapers. There are various websites which offer obituary writing services. The positive thing is many of online obituary services happen to be entirely free of cost. Some interesting things which are impossible with newspaper obituaries are video/audio uploads, photo sharing and other features. Online obituaries can be customized to be accessible only to a select few people.

In fact, online obituaries have come to play a very crucial role for people who are too busy with their lives to take rounds of news agencies and get their obits published. At times, those obits are not even put out. They now have the option of sitting back at home and posting their obits online at their own convenience, that too at a cheaper price and sometimes, for free.

With these online services, the chances of publishing premature obituaries are also zilch. Online obituaries save you from all the hustle-bustle and help you add a personal touch to your obits. They still have a long way to go!

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