Outdoor Light Functions and Techniques

Outdoor light systems come in various designs and can be used for different purposes. To help you choose which would be best for your home, here are some basic points about illuminating your garden, patio, and other exterior areas in your property.

The foremost function of installing lights outside your home is usually to keep your place safer and more secure. Keeping the area around your house dark invites burglars and other unwanted visitors. Having ample lighting outside will not only prevent burgling, trespassing, and other similar criminal activities, but will also avoid accidents like falling down steps and decks and tripping on uneven paths.

Proper illumination in your deck or garden lets you enjoy in the area barbecue parties or chatting over coffee at sunset and beyond. In addition, the right amount of lighting can make a big difference to the beauty of your entire property. It can add some dramatic quality at night.

Whether you need all these purposes for your outdoor light systems or just a couple, you need to know which type of lighting you’ll need Bollards for driveway.

Wall fixtures are among the very common lighting systems available. You just install them on your wall and you’ll have the basic illumination you need outdoors. These are usually placed on either side of an entrance post leading to the door or either side of the door or gate itself.

Wall-washing is a different technique. By using spot lights or accent lights, you can “bathe” a substantial portion of a wall or a fence with the amount of illumination that you want. Mediterranean exteriors with textured walls become even more beautiful with this lighting technique. You can highlight any outstanding façade feature by this wall lighting effect.

As mentioned above, you install lights outdoors also to keep yourself from tripping over uneven paths. Lighting walkways in your garden doesn’t have to be plain. You can add romance or any characteristic you want depending on the fixture you choose. You can place a trail of minimalist bollards or ornate Victorian lanterns alternating along the sides of your garden paths. You can also place the lights behind shrubs or trees, so they’ll light path and also accentuate portions of your landscape.

Similar to lighting your walkways is illuminating stairs and deck steps. You can do this by adding lights on posts and beneath railings. You can also opt for recessed lights to be placed on the steps.

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