Content is King – What About Content Writers?

The first time I wrote SEO content was about three years ago, on the subject of green tea. This wasn’t for my personal use, you understand, but for a third-party end user. The general idea, I was given to understand, was to look up the Internet, find out as much as I could about the benefits of green tea, and then cleverly ‘rewrite’ the information so that it seemed like my own.

Needless to say, I was bothered by the idea of what seemed like stealing from others. As it happened, I knew a bit about green tea, so much of what I produced was my own stuff. At least, even if the information was not new, I wasn’t depending on others to supply it 송파스웨디시.

As I progressed through the months and years, however, I realised that if I had to survive in the business of SEO content writing, I would have to take pretty much whatever came my way. And it was as I trawled the Internet to do my research that I came across the maxim: content is king.

Oh great, I thought. Here was respect for my skill. A content writer’s life is pretty anonymous, you see, and it was some small satisfaction to know that what I produced was thus valued, even if no one knew my name.

But wait a minute. If content was really king, into what category of royalty would you put stuff like this: “Eyes are the most sensitive part of human anatomy and any harm, little as it may be tends to be hazardous, yet they are the most neglected part when it comes to taking care of personal hygiene. One usually tends to get massages, pedicures and manicures and during this process eyes are left without proper care for this purpose.”

Tell me truly, does the above extract make sense to you? It sure doesn’t to me, and yet, the Internet is overflowing with such rubbish disguised as SEO content: crammed with keywords, uninformative, crashingly dull, and most often, factually incorrect. No matter which site such content is posted on, it most certainly isn’t going to attract the footfalls. More and more people seem to forget that content is one of the most crucial ingredients of a website, so if you want to draw visitor traffic, you’d better be ready to make it worthwhile.

To be fair, though, most of such content has been generated by a third-party content writer, who has neither the skill nor the involvement to generate meaningful, target-oriented content. Most importantly, s/he hasn’t been paid enough.

Oh come on, stop pretending you don’t know what I mean. Tell me, how much do you think I – a respectable, professional, competent SEO content writer who doesn’t steal or scrape – should ask for “a 700-word piece on ceramic cookware that should be well researched, grammatically accurate, informative, rich in keywords, ORIGINAL, humorous, informal yet not frivolous”?

How much would you charge for this? I can tell you how much I was offered – a measly dollar. Even in these recessionary times, I was pop-eyed when I saw how far the client was willing to stretch a buck. I would encourage such people to remember that as always, if you pay peanuts, you will only find monkeys to do your work.

With time, I have gained a position where I can turn down such absurd offers, and concentrate only on those areas that I think I can authoritatively write on. I haven’t stolen other peoples’ words and ideas, have tried to make my articles as specific and tight as possible, and in some cases, added value beyond a client’s requirement when I have felt the need.

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